U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster Freed from Myanmar Prison

by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

November 15, 2021

NAYPYITAW – U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster was released from a Myanmar prison just days after receiving an 11-year sentence to hard labor.

Fenster, 37, is the managing editor of independent magazine Frontier Myanmar and was sentenced 3 days ago to 11 years in prison for incitement and violations of immigration and unlawful assembly laws.  He would been imprisoned since May.

According to Myanmar’s military-owned Myawaddy TV, Fenster was granted amnesty after Richardson and two Japanese representatives requested it “to maintain the friendship between the countries and to emphasize humanitarian grounds.”

Fenster was one of dozens of journalists detained in Myanmar since a Feb. 1 coup that sparked a public outrage at the military’s abrupt end to a decade of tentative steps toward democracy.

The Myanmar military has accused many media outlets of inciting violence and disseminating false information.