by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

October 12, 2021

CHICAGO – Crime continues to envelop the city.  Police unable to enforce the law because of politics.  A certain prosecutor refuses to prosecute.  Governor Pritzker says Chicago crime “nearing state of emergency” level.  The result: two victims forced to fend off armed marauders Monday night in West Town.  Meanwhile, city focuses on citing businesses for not enforcing mask mandate.

According to CPD, what started as a peaceful walk around 10 p.m. by a man and woman in the 2100 block of West Race Avenue was terrifyingly interrupted when two armed suspects exited a grey Honda CRV and attempted to plunder the victims at gunpoint.

The suspects physically searched the male for cash and phone but failed to find any loot.  The victim was lucky they did not knock him out and rip off his shoes, as we have seen with victims in River North.

When the marauders turned their attention to the woman, she daringly stood her ground and attacked the suspects.  Taken aback, the armed marauders retreated to their getaway car with one firing a shot into the air before speeding away.

CPD are attempting to investigate, but what is the point since the suspects most likely won’t be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot’s focus is on citing five businesses for failing to enforce the city’s COVID-19 indoor mask mandate.  The new police force, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), conducted almost 90 thorough investigations of businesses to see if “citizens” [now subjects] were wearing masks and if mask mandate signs were posted.

Perhaps Lightfoot should post signs on city streets, next to the “Lightfoot Medic Kits” warning victims to leave their valuables at home due to the now uncontrollable crime in Chicago.

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