by Sloan T. Wilson

October 4, 2021

SPRINGFIELD, IL — According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, natural gas customers in Chicago and the suburbs will be forced to shell out hundreds of dollars more during the upcoming heating season.

Natural gas prices are rising across the country and around the world.  But that is only part of the reason Chicago residents’ utility bills are expected to rise by 35% to 50%.

Consumer advocates point out that roughly one-third of Chicagoans are currently not paying their gas utility bills since a change in state law in 2013 in which allowed natural gas utilities to tack on infrastructure improvement costs to consumer monthly bills.

Lower natural gas prices in recent years have helped to conceal this, but that is about to change, resulting in some very unpleasant sticker shock for those who heat with gas.

According to Crain’s, the cost of gas will rise to $938 for Chicagoans and $693 for suburban residents this heating season.

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