Corning, AT&T Expand Partnership To Meet Broadband Demand

by John McPhaul, The Chicago Times

October 3, 2021

CORNING, NY — Corning Incorporated (GLW) announced September 28 that it is expanding its long-standing collaboration with AT&T (T).

The collaboration will increase fiber infrastructure, expand broadband networks in the United States, and speed 5G implementation.

Corning is investing $150 million in optical cable manufacturing in North Carolina, initially adding 200 jobs, as part of AT&T’s long-term commitment to network expansion.  AT&T stated that it intends to considerably increase its fiber footprint and is committed to supporting American manufacturing.

“We see fiber infrastructure expansion as critical to expanding our broadband reach for both consumers and business customers.  By expanding our partnership with Corning, we will create American jobs through manufacturing investments as well as the economic benefits that broadband brings to our communities.” said Mo Katibeh, senior vice president, AT&T Network Infrastructure & Build.

“The need for ubiquitous connectivity has driven network demand to unprecedented levels, and Corning is strategically investing to support network buildouts,” said Michael A. Bell, senior vice president and general manager of Corning Optical

Corning’s market leadership is extended as demand for network infrastructure continues to outpace industry projections.  Government investments in broadband are projected to increase demand even further.

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