by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

September 2, 2021

CHICAGO — According to his family, Travell Miller’s final act before being shot to death in an ambush on the West Side was shielding his 7-year-old daughter from gunfire.

Miller was taking his daughter to school when a gunman opened fire on the two.  Miller was on the phone with his mother at the time of the shooting.  Miller’s mother overheard the shooting and heard her son say “Mama, I’ve been shot.”

Miller, 33, was stopped in his car in the 3000 block of West Chicago Ave around 7:30 am Wednesday when a gunman got out of another car and walked up and cold bloodedly opened fire on Miller and his daughter.  Miller was struck four times and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where he died.  According to Mount Sinai Hospital, Miller’s wounds indicate that he had bent over to protect his daughter. 

CPD has released images of the alleged gunman and the vehicle he was driving, a silver two door Grand Prix with no license plates.  CPD are looking into whether the shooting was a result of road rage.  When questioned, Miller’s family say they have no idea why he was targeted and stated Miller had no enemies and had recently moved back from Miami five days ago.

Miller grew up in Maywood and was a star wrestler at Proviso East High School, according to his father.  Miller had recently pursued a career in bartending while living in Miami along with his identical twin brother Lavell Miller.

The shock of this murder has been hard on the Miller family and to help pay for funeral expenses a gofundme page has been established.

These are truly shocking times in Chicago and there seems to be no stop in rising crime.  Only recently did we see two men being robbed and beaten unconscious in the River North area.  Sickeningly, no one in the crowd came forward to aid the victims laying in the middle of the street picked of their pockets and one stripped of his shoes.

Unknown gunman being sought by CPD. Please contact Chicago Police with any information leading to arrest.

Perhaps the brutal shooting of a father in front of his daughter will prompt others to come forward with any information about the about the gunman.  CPD ask that anyone with information about this murder contact detectives or submit an anonymous tip to cpdtip.com and remember those tips are anonymous.

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