by The Chicago Times Staff

August 26, 2021

KABUL — A suicide bomb was detonated outside the Abbey Gate at Kabul’s airport on Thursday, killing 13 US service members and injuring dozens more, according to Pentagon officials.

10 Marines, 2 Army soldiers, and a Navy corpsman were among the dead along with dozens of Americans that have been injured in the suicide attack.  Pentagon officials sadly believe the death toll will rise as well as attacks.

The suicide bombing sparked a firefight at the gate where 5,000 Afghans and Americans hoped to board flights out of the country even with the threat of an ISIS terrorist attack.  According to the Pentagon, “a number of US service members were killed in today’s complex attack at Kabul airport . . . A number of others are being treated for wounds.”

The Pentagon also confirmed a second explosion, at the Baron Hotel, where Americans have previously gathered for rescue and evacuation.

There are currently 5,200 US troops at the airport, as well as thousands of Afghan evacuees waiting to be evacuated.  Airplanes from the United States have been departing the airport every 48 minutes.

The US Embassy is Kabul confirmed that the Taliban have stopped letting Afghans through the airport gates.  However, many are also staying away because of the ISIS threat.  Sources in the Embassy also believe Americans will fall behind as the Aug 31 deadline approaches.

The bombing comes just hours after the State Department issued a warning to Americans outside the Kabul airport to “leave immediately” due to the growing ISIS terrorist threat.

President Biden and Vice President Harris have been briefed on the attack.