by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

August 17, 2021

KABUL – As the Taliban promise piece with a smile and verbal assurances there are disturbing signs their statements are as trustworthy as the Devil.

Sources in various regions of Afghanistan filed reports of Taliban goon squads patrolling populated areas ready to enforce the harsh realities of Sharia Law.  There were reports of a woman summarily executed in the Takhar provinces for being in public without a burka and unaccompanied by a male family member.

In Kabul, Taliban vehicles loaded with armed militants were filmed patrolling residential areas for activists, civilian government workers, and former military personnel.  As they speed down the street, gunshots can be heard.

This is just the beginning, after hearing that the Taliban was confiscating private weapons, we now have reports coming in of Taliban “officials” going door to door hunting for other western collaborators and adding names to lists.  There have also been reports of summary executions.  This all comes after Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid declared women’s rights would be “respected” within the framework of Sharia law and that Afghans who had worked for the country’s now-defunct US military would be granted amnesty.

Prior to the post-9/11 US invasion, which deposed the Taliban government in 2001, the group severely restricted women’s freedoms, confining them to their homes without a male chaperone and enforcing strict dress codes.

According to the State Department, the situation on the ground in Afghanistan is rapidly evolving, with thousands of Americans and allies being evacuated as a result of the Taliban’s rapid sweep across the country.