by James R. Scott, The Chicago Times

August 12, 2021

CHICAGO — Supt. David Brown of the Chicago Police Department was shocked and angry after learning that Jamel Danzy was released on Wednesday.

Danzy is accused of purchasing the revolver that killed Chicago cop Ella French and badly injured her colleague.

Brown said in a statement, “I could not believe it . . . To say that I am extremely disappointed in U.S Magistrate Judge Jeffery Gilbert’s decision to release Jamel Danzy on an unsecured bond today is an understatement. Danzy was released on a $4,500 unsecured bond and court supervision . . . Despite the fact that his alleged actions directly led to the murder of a Chicago Police Officer and left another in critical condition, this decision sets a dangerous precedent that straw purchasers like Danzy are not a danger to society.”

On Saturday, French and her partner were shot during a traffic stop in the West Englewood neighborhood.  In connection with French’s death, two brothers have been charged.  Danzy was accused of purchasing the gun used to murder French.

The obscenely large number of illegal firearms in our city and country is a major contributor to the violence that continues to take the lives of our loved ones and fellow citizens.

Monte and Eric Morgan, two brothers, are being held without bond.  Monte, the alleged shooter, is being treated in an Oak Lawn hospital after being shot by authorities after reportedly opening fire on them during a traffic stop.