by T. C. Mayfield, The Chicago Times

July 8, 2021

GURNEE, IL — During the month of June, two separate fights occurred at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, resulting in six people facing charges and one person being injured, according to Gurnee police.

On June 13, Gurnee police responded to the theme park after receiving reports of a fight and multiple disturbances.  According to police, officers discovered a large group of people fighting.  There were no reported injuries, and officers said they had taken several people into custody.

Six people were charged in connection with the June 13 fight by Gurnee police.  Disorderly conduct charges were filed against Aaren Verrett, 41, Danielle Williams, 40, and a 17-year-old from Chicago.  Two Chicago teenagers, ages 17 and 15, were charged with resisting a peace officer.  One count of aggravated battery of a peace officer, one count of aggravated assault of a peace officer, and two counts of resisting a peace officer have been issued for Shada Miller, 26, of Chicago.

On June 27, a second incident, unrelated to the fight on June 13, occurred at the theme park.  At around 8 p.m., Gurnee officers were dispatched to reports of a 16-year-old needing medical assistance after a fight.  Officials said Six Flags EMTs provided medical assistance until Gurnee paramedics arrived.  The victim was then taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Officials said a witness recorded the incident on their cellphone and shared it with officers.  Officers searched the area but were unable to find the people who were involved.  Before the incident, witnesses said the victim and a group of five to seven people were exchanging words.  The incident is still being investigated, according to the police.

In response to the incident, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee issued the following statement:

“Our guests’ safety is always our top priority, and we have zero tolerance for any illegal behavior.  Our public safety officers responded quickly to the incident, and the case was turned over to the Gurnee Police Department.”