by The Chicago Times Staff

July 2, 2021

S. L. — Jason Miller, a former senior Trump is launching a new social media platform on July 4 to declare “independence” from Big Tech and counter “cancel-culture” that is sweeping the nation destroying the once sacred right of free speech.

GETTR was born out of the concept of “getting together” not just for conservatives, but for all people who believe in freedom of thought and speech.  GETTR will go live on July 4th at 10:00 a.m. ET tying in nicely with Independence Day and Miller’s goal break away from the monopolistic tendencies of Facebook and Twitter and from the terror of cancel culture.

Miller claims that the platform has “superior technology” that will surpass the likes of Twitter and Facebook.  GETTR users will be able to post messages of up to 777 characters, sharper images, 3 minute videos.

As a snub to Twitter, GETTR users will be able to import existing tweets to preserve all the hard work and creativity created on Twitter.

GETTR will also have a live-streaming option, as well as the ability for users to donate to political candidates.  Miller said the company is still figuring out how to cap users’ political donations in order to comply with election laws.

Miller also stated that the platform will verify prominent users.