by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

June 28, 2021

CHICAGO – There were two mass shootings from Friday to Sunday ending with 74 shot and 6 murdered.

An exasperated Superintendent David Brown decried that too many illegal guns are on the street and current non-prosecution policies are turning arrests into a revolving door.

Just last week, Mayor Lightfoot scolded a Newsmax reporter by claiming crime in Chicago is on the decline.  The actions over the weekend tell another story.

Around 8:50 p.m. six people were shot in the 2000 block of East 71st Street in South Shore.  The six victims were standing near a vehicle when gunmen in a black SUV opened fire in a blazon drive-by shooting.  After the mayhem, a female victim was found riddled with bullets and pronounced dead.  Four males and a 15-year-old boy were also shot.  Superintendent Brown believes the shooting was random.

Starting at 10:50 p.m., three gunmen emerged from an alley and opened indiscriminately into a crowd of innocent victims across from a liquor store at 63rd and Artesian. CPD said a woman was murdered and 10 others injured.

Mayor Lightfoot has yet to take responsibility for the recent rise in crime and even tried to lay the burden on to taxpayers by saying we are all responsible.  Mayor Lightfoot fails to realize our responsibility was to elect or not to elect her to office and pay taxes to support the institutions she administers to solve problems described above.