by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

June 16, 2021

CHICAGO – Mayor Lightfoot’s job is to solve the solution to the epidemic of shootings and violence that is killing Chicago, yet Lightfoot now believes only the federal government can eliminate the violence.  The only problem is Lightfoot refused federal help under Trump showing her willingness to allow Chicago citizens to be shot and murdered in the name of partisanship.  Mayor Lightfoot, this is no time for politics.  Stop scapegoating and be a leader.  Use the tools at your disposal to solve the problems you were elected to solve.

As summer ramps up, Lightfoot’s response to the rise in shootings is “I am concerned that people are dying as a result of an act of violence that makes no sense to me.”

Mayor Lightfoot, it does not take much “sense” to realize that people are dying because of gang violence and the overall failure of the justice system to prosecute criminals.  Most Chicago citizens are not causing the violence, but rather a small portion of the population that are known to Chicago Police.

With the growing anti-police fervor tying one arm behind CPD’s back, Chicago has seen a 5% increase in murders and 17% increase in shootings this year.  Mayor Lightfoot is quick to blame illegal guns and now wants to accept federal aid to stop the flow of guns into Chicago.  This is a different tone, since 12 months ago Mayor Lightfoot refused federal aid offered by Trump.

Now Lightfoot said, “We have to step up our efforts to ask the federal government to assist us in stopping the flow of illegal guns into our city…If there are no guns, the dynamics are completely different.”

Mayor Lightfoot fails to see that removing guns does not solve the violence. Guns can be replaced by knives, baseball bats, SUVs, and other blunt force weapons.  The problem is not guns, Ms. Mayor.  The problem is a deeper issue that cannot be solved by talking points or grandstanding about seizing 5,200 illegal guns.

Mayor Lightfoot if you believe “We have to step up our efforts to ask the federal government to assist . . .”, why didn’t you seek federal help under Trump?  How many lives could have been saved over the last 12 months?  Your partisanship has caused the death of Chicago citizens.  Blood is on your hands.