by H. Haverstock, The Chicago Times

June 15, 2021

ISRAEL — After a balloon attack sent incendiary devices drifting towards southern Israel, Israel’s Defense Forces began a counter-offensive into Gaza.  Nearly two dozen fires were started as a result of the balloon assault.

According to the IDF, the counterstrike, which took place Tuesday evening in the United States and early Wednesday morning local time, targeted Hamas military sites.

According to the IDF, Hamas’ Khan Yunis and Gaza Brigades exploited the targets for “terrorist actions.” All events in the Gaza Strip are the responsibility of the Hamas terror group, which will pay the repercussions of its acts…In the face of continued terror acts from the Gaza Strip, the IDF is prepared for any situation, including a restart of combat.”

The bloodshed comes barely three weeks after a cease-fire ended 11 days of combat between the IDF and Hamas terrorists, which represented the bloodiest hostilities between the two sides since a small-scale war in 2014. 

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