by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

June 8, 2021

CHICAGO – Mayor Lightfoot blasted a Chicago Newspaper this afternoon saying she doesn’t need headlines telling her kids a being murdered in the streets of Chicago.

Lightfoot said “It hits me every day. … I reach out to those families. I hear the heartbreak. I spend time with moms and dads who’ve lost toddlers, who’ve lost kids my daughter’s age…as a parent, every time I see something like that happen, I grieve deeply. The first thought it, there but for the grace of God go I. We can’t exist in a world where kids aren’t safe in their own community and that they’re not safe from other young people in their own community.”

Empty words to cover up the two years of disastrous statistics, children killed by gun violence in Chicago is three times higher than last year. 

All of Lightfoot’s talk and scapegoating of “other partners” is no excuse.  Perhaps utilizing the Police in an efficient manner and actually letting them do their job rather than being political pawns for the next campaign will help solve the issue.  Why should the mayor’s neighborhood be more protected than the south and west side?  Come on Mayor, the headlines are not there to tell you, but to tell the citizens who elected you what is going on in our city.  Stop complaining and actually do something about the problem.  If “…our partners” in criminal justice are not helping, then act as a true leader and solve the problem on your own.  Take action or the situation will get worse.  Or is that what you really want?