by Frank Conklin, The Chicago Times

June 6, 2021

SPRINGFIELD — After promising as a candidate that he would reject partisan maps drawn by either party, Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a measure drawn by Democrats on Friday establishing legislative district boundaries to control elections for the next ten years.  No matter your political party, it should be apparent we have elected a lying opportunist.  How can you trust anyone that lies to your face with a smile?

As a candidate in 2018, Pritzker advocated for an impartial committee to draft maps, removing political factors from the process.  He promised to veto any map created by politicians.  The Governor has now proven to be a complete partisan liar.  Earlier this month, he backtracked on his promise, claiming that the independent procedure never materialized and he stated that he would reject an unfair map.  However, who defines what is unfair but those in power.  According to Republican sources they were never allowed to view the data used or allowed to fully take part in the process.  Obviously the only independent procedure was done by the Democrats.

Senator Dan McConchie, the minority leader in the Senate, described it as the work of political insiders who used flawed data to further cement their control of Illinois, which is ranked one of the worst governed states in the Union.  This decline was initiated and curated by Democrat control and policies implemented over the decades.  Just ask Mike Madigan and look at your property tax bill.

According to McConchie, Pritzker “. . . cares more about keeping power for his political friends than fair elections where the people of Illinois can pick their elected officials, instead of politicians picking their voters…he proved today that he’s just another old-school, tax-raising politician who cannot be trusted.”

To reflect demographic trends and safeguard voting rights, political borders must be adjusted following each decennial Census.  Delays caused by the COVID-19 epidemic have delayed the release of detailed census data until late summer.

Republicans and many left-leaning activists slammed the maps and their production, claiming that Democrats used obsolete Census data.  Democrats cited a June 30 deadline for the Legislature to develop maps, but that constitutionally mandated deadline simply marked the end of Democrats’ exclusive control over them beyond that date.  Clearly this is a grab for more power.

We have elected a power-hungry gang of hypocrites, liars, and con artists that will diminish your political and economic rights.  No wonder residents are fleeing the state.  No matter your party affiliation, beware of who you elect.  Ask what are their true intentions?

Frank Conklin, Illinois Political Columnist for The Chicago Times.  Views and comments expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official position of The Chicago Times.

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