Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Cooking with Anatole, The Chicago Times

June 5, 2021

Mon ami, this afternoon we enjoy a classic Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich worthy of adults as well as our little ones.

Les ingrédients:

  • Butter as needed
  • Slices of your favorite ham or bacon cut as desired
  • Desired number of slices of your favorite bread
  • Desired number of slices of American, Swiss, or favorite cheese that melts evenly
  • Add desired ingrédients: i.e., onions, peppers, spinach.  However, Anatole prefers this sandwich with only ham or bacon.

Anatole’s instructions:

  • Place desired amount of butter in a small pan to melt on stove or small microwaveable cup.
  • Stage sliced pieces of bread & brush melted butter on one side of bread.
  • Place skillet over medium flame and add number of allowed slices of bread to skillet with buttered side down.
  • Add slice of cheese to cooking bread followed by slices of ham or bacon.  Then add another slice of cheese followed by the second piece of bread with buttered side facing out.
  • When first side of bread is fried to desired taste, flip sandwich and repeat to taste.
  • Serve on plate with favorite sides.

Anatole’s Critique:

Excellent, mon ami!  The gooey melted cheese with the ham is an Anatole’s favorite.  Bon appétit!