County of DuPage

May 12, 2021

DuPage County Animal Services has seen a large increase in the number of domestic rabbits at its shelter, with 120 rabbits accepted since January and 63 accepted in the last two weeks.

The recent waves of surrendered rabbits occurred when local pet stores sold two allegedly misgendered rabbits, resulting in accidental litters. Rabbits purchased from pet stores and breeders are typically not spayed or neutered and can breed between four and five months old. It’s common for an accidental litter to quickly become two accidental litters.

“Too often we hear from pet owners surrendering their rabbits that they made an impulse buy at the pet store for their kids before realizing how much work they are to care for or how expensive it is to spay or neuter them,” said Brian Krajewski, Chairman of the DuPage County Board Animal Services Committee. “We encourage people to do their homework to determine if a rabbit is a good pet before they buy. We have a rabbit care guide on our website that we encourage people to review.”

DuPage County Animal Services is one of the few shelters in the region that accepts domestic rabbits as strays and owner-surrendered pets. Animal Services continues to work with local rabbit rescues and shelter members of the Chicagoland Humane Coalition, a consortium of Chicago area animal welfare organizations, to move this large intake of rabbits and relieve the population at the County shelter.

For more information on rabbit care and adoption, please visit https://www.dupageco.org/animalservices/.

County of DuPage