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SIMI VALLEY, May 4, 2021 — The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum recently deployed 350 fire fighting goats to help clear brush surrounding the campus to limit the threat of wildfire.

This is not the first-time goats have been used to create a firebreak between the surrounding nature area and the presidential library located in fire prone Southern California.  In 2019, the goats’ natural appetite for brush was credited with saving the facility and allowing firefighters space to effectively fight the raging wildfire.

A series of wildfires have ravaged California in recent years and unnamed sources in the US Forest Service indicated that simply clearing the dried brush and felled wood would help prevent these fires.  One source said:

“The debris lays there like fuel ready to burn all through the dry forest and open fields.  Many local counties in other states actively clear brush and conduct controlled burns to prevent wildfires.  I assure you clearing felled wood will not harm the forest, but rather save it.”

The Ronald Reagan Library & Museum is taking a great step forward by employing the goats to naturally alleviate the threats of wildfire.

Air Force One Pavilion, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum