by P. J. McNeal, The Chicago Times

CHICAGO — Once again shots fired in Chicago result in carnage and fiery destruction of property.
Chicago Police continue to investigate the 3am fiery collision of a Dodge and street sweeper in the 4000
block of North Cicero Avenue that left four people hospitalized.

CPD sources revealed three occupants of a Dodge were shot at prior to the crash leaving a 32-year-old
woman wounded in the abdomen. No motive has yet to be found, yet drugs discovered on one of the
occupants suggests it may be drug related.

Just after the shooting the Dodge veered into a parked street sweeper causing both vehicles to burst
into a raging fireball. The innocent 55-year-old driver of the sweeper was hospitalized after being found
on the ground near the sweeper.

The occupants of the Dodge were also hospitalized with various broken bones, contusions, and other
undisclosed injuries. Hospital staff revealed the woman received three bullets to the abdomen and
suffered two broken legs and one broken arm.

CPD has charged the 17-year-old male occupant of the Dodge with drug possession. CPD sources also
indicated the crash may have been alcohol related. No comment as to if the driver was charged.
Is this an isolated incident or just another early morning shooting in Chicago? Are the occupants of the
Dodge innocent victims of snipers? Whatever the answer, Mayor Lightfoot has allowed shootings to rise
over 50% from last year and crime to ravage the city. Is this what the citizens of Chicago deserve? The
alleged targeted shooting of a car containing drugs and potentially intoxicated occupants interrupting
the peaceful life of an innocent street sweeper doing vital work we do not have the courage to
complete. I don’t think so, we deserve better.

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